1. When ordering a service with us, not only will you benefit of 100% quality, but you will also enjoy guaranteed serenity and calmness of mind, because Aknapesu OÜ holds the third party liability policy taken out from ERGO Insurance SE.

2. Due to the specificity of our hazard-ridden profession, our personnel is regularly subjected to health check and industrial safety control, and it is involved in continuous professional development programmes.

3. Our staff does not have any operators with alcohol or drug dependence. The personnel in its entirety entertain healthy lifestyle and are physically fit.

4. All operators have unblemished reputation and they are law-abiding citizens.

Because our clientele are not only wealthy persons with luxurious residences but also state objects of strategic importance, we cannot afford taking on employ people with criminal record, to keep the salary expenses low.

5. Our operators are always properly and neatly dressed and conduct themselves with due circumspection as regards the clientele. They are conversant in Estonian, Russian and English.

6. Aknapesu OÜ is a family outfit. We cherish our goodwill. We are not aimed at maximising the quantity of jobs but at doing them at high quality, meeting the expectations of clientele.


We are looking forward to your custom and expect a long and rewarding association to follow!
Faithfully yours Aknapesu OÜ

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In order to obtain an accurate price offer, please indicate:
1. The size and number of windows.
NB! Square meters are calculated from each washed side of the window;
2. Send photos of windows.