The company Aknapesu OÜ was incorporated in July 2007, specialising in professional cleaning of windows and washing of facades in private houses, apartments, office buildings, guest houses and hotels, and also in state objects all over Estonia.


The works are carried out at any height, of any degree of complexity, by using all sorts of ladders, hoisting and lifting mechanisms and also professional mountaineering equipment.


All operators are able-bodied, physically fit and properly certified; they have passed an industrial safety programme and have over 10 years of hands-on job experience.

Given the complexity and occupational hazard of the works performed, the company OÜ Aknapesu holds a third party insurance policy, taken out from ERGO Insurance SE.


We offer 2 main types of solutions, concerning both the price and the quality of outcome.

1. Premium version

It is the manual and apparently most efficient version of washing the windows, by use of professional tools and various chemical agents, in some cases even acids, to remove the stubborn and ingrained dirt and lime.

When using that method we provide a 100% guarantee that the windows will be absolutely transparent without a single trace of residual water. Window casings, window reveals and window sills will also be cleaned to perfection.

2. Economy version

It is carried out by use of a telescopic arm system with steady feeding of water for washing the windows and facades at the height up to 22 m.

The technique is only efficient provided the panes are regularly washed (once per month); it removes easy dirt e.g. dust.

The said version of washing also has its negative aspects:

  • Substantial water consumption;
  • In the process of washing, the water streams down along the walls creating puddles.

Professional operators of the company Aknapesu OÜ wash the windows in any sub-zero weather and temperatures, in snowfall, in rain downpour, in blazing sun and even in pitch darkness providing a guaranteed excellent performance.

It is only possible thanks to operational experience gained over years of practice.

As a matter of fact, in every season we wash the staggering footage of 100,000 m2 of the window panes.


Our range of services however is not limited to window cleaning.

We also possess excellence in cleaning the cushioned and upholstered furniture, home rugs and office wall-to-wall carpeting, having at our disposal the most powerful and expensive equipment available in this country, purchased from leading Swiss and Italian manufacturers.

Those services are presented in detail as contained in the banner references hereinbelow.

We are looking forward to your custom and expect a long and rewarding association to follow!
Faithfully yours Aknapesu OÜ


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